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A.O.K.’s High Pressure Cleaning Specialists have been providing quality services to Ontario's Commercial, Industrial and Marine industries for over ten years. With our wide range of Residential cleaning services you are sure to find exactly  what you are looking for. Professional and friendly service, amazing results and competitive prices make


 A.O.K., south central Ontario's choice for mobile cleaning  Waving flag of Canada

Using Environmentally & Eco Friendly Products, Recycling & Sacrifice are some of the
ways that we can help to save our Planet. Now more than ever protecting our environment, 
natural resources & wildlife has become an important part of everyday life.
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If we all do our part think of the difference we can make

Everyday the needless suffering of animals is taking place on every square mile of this planet. Governments around the world, including Canada
are doing little to end the brutal activities and protect the animals. 
Much of what you will see here is even approved, subsidized and funded by the Government.    


Pets are increasingly abused, starved, neglected and abandoned. 
Some of the lucky ones are destined for adoption, some for euthinization. The most
unfortunate end up as tortured testing animals for labs in Universities, Pharmaceutical
Testing Facilites, and laboratories that produce the cosmetics and household products
that many of us use everyday without realizing what we've consented to. 
Annually, millions of lab testing animals never get the chance to experience their true purpose
on this earth, as they have been bread & raised in these facilities for no other purpose.
These animals will live a lonely and painful life, it is heartbreaking to think
they will never know the feeling of a gentle touch or just know that they were loved.  
                         You are Visiting                                               You are Visiting
Animal Stuff
Truth About Canada's
Seal Hunt
Dolphin Hunt
Love My Pet 
  Truth About Canada's Seal Hunt 
 Dolphins at play
Canada's Shame:
End The Canadian Seal Hunt 
Animal Testing 
Protecting Our
 End The Canadian Seal Hunt
Animal Testing By the Brands we once Trusted
Protecting Our Planet 

The contents on this page are not easy to look at or read about,
and this was not an easy page to put together. 
The sad reality is, the disturbing images are real & the disgusting facts are true.
The animals that suffer from the cruel acts that are exposed here are served no purpose
by turning our heads and ignoring the truth. We need to be educated on the unspeakable 
& undeserving animal cruelty in the world in order to make a difference.
 Articles & Links to related stories


It's great to see some good news for animals

International Fund for Animal Welfare rescued 36 dogs from a “dog shoot” in Northern Canada that was scheduled to control the local dog population. ...Lucky Bobby

 IFAW worked with rescues and shelters across Eastern Canada to find homes for twenty-nine of the dogs including these two, Princess and Bobby. The remaining 7 were transported and will have a chance at permenant homes in the United States.  

IFAW’s Northern Dogs Project team was in a remote Canadian community providing vital veterinary care and humane education when concerned community members alerted IFAW’s team that due to concerns about the number of roaming dogs, unwanted dogs would soon be rounded up and shot. In many remote communities without access to regular veterinary care, this is often considered the only means of controlling the dog population. “Once we heard about the dog shoot, we immediately collaborated with a vocal minority of community members who wanted to find a humane solution for these unwanted dogs,” said IFAW’s Canadian project manager, Jan Hannah. “It is a mark of tremendous progress for the community to move from dog shooting to considering transport as a humane alternative.” This community is one of eight in which IFAW has been working with since 2002, providing veterinary services, animal welfare education and outreach, assistance with animal control regulations and, in some cases, finding homes for unwanted dogs. PrincessNorth Shore Animal League America’s SVP of Operations Joanne Yohannan said, “The seven dogs that are being humanely relocated represent the hope for all of the roaming dogs in this area. It is an example that you do not have to shoot animals to combat an overpopulation problem.”

In 2005, IFAW and NSALA teamed up during IFAW’s Chinese dog rescue to find new homes for 30 homeless dogs from an overcrowded shelter in China, which could not be legally re-homed in Beijing due to local size and breed restrictions and strict dog ownership regulations. These high profile dogs helped raise awareness about shelter pets and led to increased shelter adoptions.            Read entire story  


All living beings deserve compassion and consideration
Becoming a Pet Owner
is a Great Opportunity and a Huge Commitment
You need to be sure you are committed to the animal. Think it through before you bring any pet into your life.  If you choose a pet on impulse and decide a few weeks later that perhaps your decision was made in haste, and decide to give them up. You could be robbing that animal of a chance he or she could have
had at a permanent home.
No one deserves to be shuffled around, open your heart & your home and the rewards will be an endless supply of love, respect, protection & comfort.
Everyone Needs Love!
Abandoned pets end up in all kinds of places. Ferret makes a great pet
Could you live with yourself if you knew that your pet was now a research tool?
Abandoned, Stray and Surrendered Pets Often End Up as Research & Product Testing Subjects
 Rabbit tortured by test labhow it should be


and they will always love you 
Animals don't have a voice.  

If we work together to 

be their voice

started out a kittens dream 

Now she wishes she could wake up from the nightmare.





We can put an end to their suffering!pup in a cage

 He thought he found a best friend 

He thought he had found a best  friend. He was trying to make it to the door, he's still learning.

Animals need patience they are like children they need time, kind dicipline and love. 

 Any pet can be judged by the owner it keeps!


Watch on Discovery Channel's Animal Planet

It' me or the dog     Visit Animal Planet

Click the Picture to visit  It's ME or the DOG

Great Free Resource for choosing, training, loving and living with your pet.

~ Excellent Tutorials~Free On Line Videos ~ Behavioural Assessment  ~ Top Tools & Tips ~ Resources ~

Recent Headlines

Canadian online pet shop owner gets 5 months in jail
CBC News, October 5, 2010

Bud Wheatley, owner of, was sentenced to five months in jail Tuesday for causing unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to animals.  He was ordered by a provincial court in Charlottetown to pay a $200 fine and cover $68,000 in expenses incurred by the provincial Department of Agriculture during both the seizure of the animals and their care.

Protesters call for end to Canada's horse slaughter

Opponents of the Canadian horse-slaughter industry make the argument that harmful chemicals injected into the horses as medicine could slip into the food supply.  The slaughter of horses has been banned in the United States since 2007, and now over 50,000 are exported across the border to Canada to be killed every year.


Doctors file federal complaint to halt transfer
of chimpanzees for invasive experiments
The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine has filed a legal petition with the Secretary of Health and Human Services protesting the transfer of more than 100 chimpanzees to be used for new invasive research. The petition invokes the Chimpanzee Health Improvement Maintenance and Protection (CHIMP) Act, which was enacted to ensure that chimpanzees used in experiments for many years are retired to sanctuaries.  Many Alamogordo chimpanzees are elderly and suffer from heart disease, making them especially unsuitable for medical experimentation

Ohio farmhand gets 8 months in jail for beating Conklin dairy cows, September 26, 2010

A farmhand was sentenced Friday to eight months in jail for beating, kicking and stabbing calves and cows at an Ohio dairy farm.  Billy Joe Gregg Jr. pleaded guilty to six counts of cruelty to animals and was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine. He has also been barred from having contact with animals for three years and must receive mandatory psychological counseling. 


Canadian man sentenced for mutilating dog

The Edmonton Journal, September 18, 2010

A Windsor man who tied a condom on his dog that caused so much damage that the animal had to be euthanized was sentenced Friday to four months in jail. Anjalo Abeywickrema, 51, a Sri Lankan refugee, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary pain, injury or suffering to an animal, he admitted to affixing the condom to his dog to keep him from urinating and ejaculating in his apartment.

42 starved horses, 42 days in jail

The News-Messenger, September 25 2010

A judge has ordered an Ohio woman to serve 42 days in jail for neglecting dozens of emaciated Arabian horses taken from her farm last winter.  Ottawa County Municipal Judge Frederick Hany sentenced Robin Vess on Friday to 90 days on each of the 42 animal cruelty convictions.  She'll serve only 42 days if she follows terms of a five-year probation order, which states she is to participate in the court’s mental health program, and is not to possess or own any horses.

Chinese animal abuse: Grandma Ding to the rescue

World Post, October 16, 2010

Chinese pet abuse has left millions homeless, hundreds of whom now call Grandma Ding's apartment home.  Ding Shiying, 82, lives in her 520-square-foot courtyard with 21 dogs and more than 200 cats, most of which have been abandoned by their owners.  It was simply out of a good heart that Ding began picking up homeless and abused animals in 1973 while working as a doctor on Beijing Normal University’s campus clinic.

OSPCA Delivers Unjust Death Sentence to Hundreds of Healthy Animals

99 Already Killed ...

Hundreds More Companion Animals Are Awaiting

Their Turn!
Ontario SPCA Hosts Mass Execution Plan For All

Healthy Sheltered Companion Animals


These animals are not guilty of anything except being abandoned, neglected & forgotten. 

Animals don't have a voice, they need us to give them a voice. We are trying to Implement Provincial Oversight over OSPCA, as clearly the protection  and prevention of cruelty to these animals is in question!  

Less than 3 wks. left & this goes before the Province Please Sign the petition

This could be the beginning of great change for all animals in all Provinces throughout the Country! Learn More

Petitions by|Start a Petition »
            Animals Slaughtered Using Sledgehammers 

Gruesome scenes of animal cruelty in the Municipal Slaughterhouse in Cascavel show animals being bludgeoned to death with Sledgehammers 

Please help SIGN this petition






Visit our New FB Page Dedicated to ending this - End Canada's Seal Hunt:I am Canadian and I Get A Say (everyone welcome worldwide)  Visit or join Our new  FB Group and help to inform - Calling All Canadians (All Nations are Welcome) Our name is simply to urge Canadians to stop being silent about the event that has shamed our nation generation after generation & destroyed our wildlife & their habitat for FUR. We have a Cause on FB with proceeds to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society  


Please Visit our Pages on Ending the Worlds Commercial Seal Hunts and sign our petition to support ending it

End The Commercial Seal Hunt Support Ottawat Senator Mac Harb as he stands up as the first Canadian Politician Ever to propose to end it!  



Today a MAJOR victory was won for Canadian Seals.  In reality it is truly a victory for the seals all over the world. Today’s judgment by WTO Judge successfully demonstrates just how stern the ban is with regards to the fur pelts of newborn seals.  Anti seal hunt supporters breathe a sigh of relief as World Trade Organization Judge made final ruling on seal fur ban opposed by Canadian Government, back in August. 

                  A Day For the Happy Section Of the History Books



to Fur for fashion

  Small mink trapped, awaits butchers to remove his fur
To kill the animals without damaging their fur,
 trappers usually strangle, beat, or stomp
them to death. Methods are not always
effective and some animals "wake up" while
 being skinned. 
Visit to see if your products are
tested on helpless animals or by a cruelty free company
 Caring consumer banner
He Can't Live Without His Coat, SHE CAN!

Animals can languish in traps for days. 
1 of 4 trapped animals escapes by
chewing off their own limb 
only to die later from blood loss, fever,
gangrene, or predation.
They can suffer unimaginable pain that
no living creature should have to endure
for hours, even days. 
I guess he understands now
Grace's Legacy
Grace was a pet, loved dearly by her owners. As she strolled with her owner along a public trail near their home, a bird teasingly flew by Grace she, as any dog would, decided to follow.  Up the trail and just a few steps into the wooded area Grace was caught in a hunter's Canibear trap just a few feet from the trail which hosts groups of cyclists, children, nature lovers along with pets and their owners each day. A public place, with no signs posted another pet pays the ultimate price.  Her head stuck in the trap and skull partially crushed, ahe cried and struggled in pain as her owner followed the clanking sounds of the metal and the sound of Grace fighting to catch  a breath. With no time to spare her owner found the struggling pup & fought to free her.  Grace died enroute to the veteranarian.  There is a valuable lesson for all here.  
To learn about Grace's Legacy, 
the efforts of a mourning pet owner and the dangers of trapping in or near public areas and those that suffer
for hunter's foolish mistakes,


Over 40 Beautiful Healthy Animals on average

Sit On Death Row In N C Shelter

Columbus County Animal Control

Puppy's As Young As 12 Weeks Old,

Kittens & Cat's As Tiny As 2-3 Weeks

Pregnant Mother's to be-

on lists to be Killed By Heartstick Every Week


NC CCAC puppies

All To Be Killed By Heart Stick Due to

serious over crowding

There are pregnant mothers in jeopardy as well.


If Not Adopted, Fostered or Sponsored by 

every Thursday 5pm.

These Kitty's deserve to know love




Can get these animals out of this Shelter !

To Donate, Sponsor, or for more info

Email Tara Moreland


All animals each week can also be viewed at




Click here to View available animals

View Chip-Ins & Details



ADOPTION FEE IS only $25.00



288 Legion Drive
Whiteville, NC 28472
Phone: 910-641-3945 and Fax: (910) 640-1196
Hours: Mon- Thurs:
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. AND Friday 12 - 5 p.m


DO YOUR JOB  William Clark

 Click to send him an Email and tell him to do his job!!

910) 640-6600 voice
(910) 640-1654 fax

HE COULD CHANGE THIS, INSTEAD HE PASSES THE BUCK ...and because of this innocent animals pay with their lives every week!

Please Tell Him To Do His Job. Click the Links Below

Send Email

JOIN or VISIT New Group


Learn More

Please contact the Columbus County Manager

Over at the email above and ask him WHY he

has not set up any low cost spay and

neuter facility for the county, which the

 North Carolina Statutes say must be available

... he can get State funding &

refuses to apply for it.

In the Meantime these

animals will die if not helped!

By 5pm Each Thursday evening the end of the line sits near. 

The playful tumbling of dozens of rough housing pups

and purring of tiny kitty's here, will soon be a fading memory

and sadly Friday it starts all over again. Due to the seriously over crowded shelter of abandoned and surrendered pets,

a permanent dark cloud hangs over Columbus County Animal

Control in Whiteville, North Carolina. Every Friday morning unless

adopted by Thursday evening before close, the kill list

is prepared for the mornings dark chore

of inflicting death to these animals by heart stick

GO TO FB comments & discussions


CCAC Heartstick Shelter 40 - Every Week When Spay & Neuter Funds Are Available



TAKE A STAND tell them






Poor Kitty 

Help STOP Crush Video’s


Crush videos, also known as squish or trampling videos, cater to sadistic, mentally ill sex fetishists.
These videos consist of a morally deficient high-heeled woman crushing a tiny kitten, puppy, bunny, mouse or hamster. The woman tortures and kills small animals
slowly by stepping on them with a spiked heel,
impaling the tiny animal in ways unimaginable
to most of us.  Some caution is taken to ensure
the tiny animal lives to endure further slow and
horrendous torture. 
This was only the 1st of 3 photos of this young kitten, don't be silent. DO SOMETHING.
This includes being burnt alive, cut with
pruning sheers, nailed to the floor, skinned alive,
beaten, stabbed, and having their limbs broken. 
All of these videos share a common theme:
 the animals are incrementally crushed by a
woman in high heels.The observers who
gain sexual gratification from watching are
just as demonic and sadistic as the participant.
Click below to learn more at STOP CRUSH.ORG
If you come across a crush video don't
watch it! They are extremely traumatic and grizzly
and clicks count views, which make
the video more popular. Even with the best intentions that is another view on their score card.
Get all of the Information that you can and email to:

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE SITE'S ADMIN BEFORE contacting one of the above. It Would be a shame for them to yank it, and never find out where it came from and who it is that's responsible.
 International Petition: Ban Crush Videos Globally  


He Is Not Shark Bait
Stop Military Animal Use & Abuse 



Join Us on FaceBook & Support The Causes

That Can End Their Needless Suffering

Visit our Brand New Page on Face Book
an easy way to keep up to date
on articles found here


Murder, Torture & Animal Snuff Films are Okay When It’s Animals for Art

Another claim of cultural expression? 
 'Don't Trust Me' Animal Snuff Films taught, executed & displayed by SAN FRANSISCO ART INSTITUTE

dispicable cruelty to a goatParisian artist Adel Abdessened  Exhibits title “Don’t Trust Me”.  Among other things, the show included something that can only be described as a snuff film using animals. The compilation included six video screens showing a loop of various animals being bludgeoned to death with a sledgehammer next to a brick wall. The animals included a pig, goat, horse, sheep, and ox. Concerns from animal welfare groups stated the videos were degrading, cruel, didn’t make a point, and simply showed the murder.       A brief follow up to this post revealled:

Tortured horse stallion

This exhibit was deemed illegal and was to not be shown again  after protests from animal activists and anyone with a soul. . 
Too Little To Late in my opinion. 
They may not record it  now or atleast, they say they don't show it on video in galleries, you can bet they still do this for their twisted form of art & for fun,



“Don’t Trust Me”  Animal Snuff Films Discussions & Comments 

Guillermo Vargas’

Alive, Barely.  A Starved Dog on display Nicaraguan Art Gallery


Starved Dog For Art Costa Rican Guillermo Vargas another monster declared artist, put up an installation at an exhibition a little over a year ago at a Nicaraguan art gallery featuring a starving dog. While it is difficult to find out the actual story of the dog, there are two versions that exist.  
                  According to the first version, the artist paid a few kids to capture an emaciated, stray dog, who was subsequently tied to the wall in the art gallery with food just out of its reach and starved dog2after a few days was starved to death. The second version (the one being used by the gallery) says that the dog was present only for the 3-hour duration of the exhibit and was otherwise taken care of and fed.
      I can't even imagine how someone wouldn't walk over and confiscate this animal right in the gallery. 
Here Is Where
This Starved Pups
Food sat taunting him!
Any Suggestions for actions Please Contact me on Face book Above Would Love To Do something About These Stories.   Read More  Stories on Similar Abuse from the source 

 You saw The Crush Videos Article at the top of the page - So called Art
of Snuff Videos Hosted By Adults - Live Animal Suffering Art - 
 Now Kids, Teenagers, Punks Doing the Same

Offenders:3(?) ID UnKnown     ~    Status: UnKnown    ~    Justice Served: No    ~  

Wanted 2 Smug PunksWANTED FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY POSSIBLY CAUSING DEATH- DO YOU KNOW THEM? Take A Good Look At The Smiles by The 2 Punks In This Picture As They String Up & Strangle This Small Puppy By His Neck With Fishing Line For Entertainment                  Posted Oct 13, 2010

2 Smug Punks from original post on Causes in Protect Dogs on FB  
THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE- This has been circulating today in hopes to find the 2 dumb asses in this picture while they clearly are enjoying themselves as they strangle a tiny puppy strung up with fishing line by his neck as a form of sick entertainment. Even if this poor puppy lived after this picture, think of what lies ahead for him! They need to be found. Please pass this, share it, and bring attention to it. This picture is evidence enough for prosecution and the stupid smiles upon their faces will simply add to their fate in the hands of a judge or any animal advocate, who ever reaches them first. I will post any information that is updated. Keep this picture flowing and we can serve up a little justice for this puppy and possibly find him alive. The link I took the pic from is below (not the offenders).


GRAPHIC IMAGE: Update For Wanted -

Tragic Ending For Small Puppy, The 1st Picture Was Sadly The Least Disturbing

...YET! And keep sharing eventually we will get them.
Thru feeds this morning first tragic photo came through. It asked if anyone knew these kids or could circulate in hopes to find them. Like any decent person that has compassion for animals and respects their right to live happily in peace, I passed it on here and everyone here passed it on and so on... 2 Punks Update charonboat.comGreat Job To All. I was updated about the 1st picture posted. Tragically this does not have any happy ending, more tragic yet the 1st picture was not as disturbing as the ones that follow. This picture is from March 2009, with no information on if they were caught, or if they got away with this, or if justice was served to them on behalf of this poor puppy. There is not much information on the picture of this clearly criminal and psychotic displayed by these kids, not forgetting there is a 3rd offender behind the camera. I think the pictures speak for themselves. Pictures like this serve as a good reminder that warning signs of behavior like this often stem from more minor incidents and escalate with time, to new and exciting ideas (in their minds). This is only 1 puppy we are seeing, there's no way of knowing how many animals these little bastards have got their hands on. Animals don't have a voice they need us to give them one. Don't turn away from violence against animals, there is always more behind the scenes we don't see.The link for what little info there is is below and stems from a rather disturbing website. If anyone finds more information on this please let me know so I can post it. Thx, Lorri


WANTED, WANTED & WANTED Some More   The PUNKS were posted  2 weeks ago.  To this point there have been just at around 70,000 clicks to these posts. And that's what all these animals need and deserve.

Brings much needed awareness to their horrendous treatment.
Easier to pick the scum out of the pond the more people recognize them.
PLEASE Visit the Public Poll a little further down the page when you
finish reading these 3 stories. 


Justice Needed for Callejerito the Mexican Stray

Offenders:4 ID Known        ~       Status:4 Caught/Guilty       ~       Justice Served:No, Punishment Nil
 Video Interview in spanish - Go to You Tube & voice your comment


Justice for Callejerito

Four Sick Bastards in Tepic, Mexico abducted from the street a stray dog named by the public “Callejerito” meaning (the dog). Tortured him for hours behind some beat up old shed it looks like out of sight from the rest of the world. They held him up by his two back legs as they enticed and provoked 2 pit-bulls to slowly rip him apart as they laughed and recorded it to post online. 

Like this poor dog didn’t have it hard enough as a stray in Mexico, these kids took it upon themselves to inflict pain & suffering and dangling him in the air holding his hind legs, lowering him into the center of two p.o’d pitt bulls.  He never had a chance, not to defend himself or to try to get away, considering they held his legs or held him down the entire time.  Another innocent animal that never asked to be put on this earth pays dearly for the sickness and deviant desires of more human trash
PUBLIC IS INFURIATED: When caught for this they had to pay a $400 fine, were suspended from school for 3 days. Due to the fact they were in fear for their lives they have been issued 24 Hour Police Protection, at taxpayers expense.   
Where I found my information it had publicly displayed all of their names 

Jose Manuel Salmeron Campos (left )

Herbert Prexady Flores Hernández (middle )

Marco Antonio Bernal Ledon (right side,)
Angel Marin González Ruiz
(I believe behind the camera, never attended interview)

There were email addresses, street addresses, highschool, birthdays, etc


I watched very little of the video before turning it off but they clearly enjoy themselves at Callejerito’s expense


After they succeed in killing him, they posted their video on a website in Mexico. This was not favorable to the others that frequent the site, this led to some trouble for them.  Below is a quote from where I retrieved this info

Video they recorded of Callejerito
I was having some probs loading this movie also can be viewed at original page
" I've been following this video on a different site and this kids are gonna have it worst than what the dog did, well the video was posted at a mexican website / blogspot where drug smugglers post videos of their dismembered enemies and tortured informants, to make my long story short they manage to find the addresses to each and one of the 3 kids and they have received threats to dismember them and post a video after they are done with them, they did get charge but got off by paying $400, since their life and their families are at risk to be murder by mexican hitmans the mexican federal police decided to provide them with 24 hour police escorts and security for their safety. I will post the link shortly, this is a very interesting site about mexican drug cartel run by the cartel."         


Everyone is watching them now- For their Own Selfish Reasons 3 of the 4 Kids Decide to Apologize on You Tube(video also up top) Video is in Spanish and was translated for me,
this is summary of it I was given. No Justice Served
(those who know Spanish may get more from it)”jose manuel - is the first interviewer and the person who interieved them says how do they feel he said that he felt bad that there not drinkers nor smokers but thats it. herbert priexady flores-the second person said that he regrets it it was a bad act and that he made a mistake and there apolagizing for what they did. marco antonio bernal-he regrets its he feels ashamed for participating. he feels that everyone makes mistakes no one is perfect and he wants to apologize to the public. the (KILLING) vid was created on 27 july of 2009 they work they dont party like crazy, and then supposably the dog attacked them first they called the dogpound to come for the dog but they never showed up. so they decided to kill him brutally. The person who intervied them asked them: are you conscious that this was a cruel act.? they all said yes. they regret it alot. The they talk about there familys. before this happend. The familys seem to help them out even though they all thought that they were idiots in doing that. Then since they were 3 dogs they were asked what they were thinking while they killing the dogs:they answerd that they were just getting out ther anger.   Now there scared of going out on the streets because people might do something to them. They been threatend a lot. Over all they just regret what they did and that they are
just saying sorry but i just think there saying this so that they wont get hurt. very tipical of them."


A petition was formed to seek Justice For Callejerito, I had planned on posting the petition here, when I went to retrieve it, it was closed. 
It required 1000 signatures in an attempt to seek some sort of justice to honour the life they so brutally took. The Petition closed on October 20th at 11, 462 signatures.  Fabulous!
Let’s hope that this can implement some change to the lack of Animal protection being sought in Mexico. But I wouldn't count on it.  Since this is still ongoing it would be a good idea to add what ever support we can for the animal rights groups in Mexico and the Humane Society of Mexico. Iwill create a letter of support rather than a petiton with 10000 names 10000 emails can be a very valuabe tool. 
  An unfair fight
The Link to go to with any ideas, questions,
discussions,  is below at our new FB Page.  
Will be a way of more frequently
updating everything you see on this page
and every story or topic has it's own direct link 
on FB. 
Full Story's will remain on this Website.

"Dile Si Al Maltrato Animal" 
Sunday August 8, 2010, 3:23 pm On Care2 Network
sickfacebookPosted by kids on FaceBook – unnecessary animal torture & mutilation for yet again another poor female mom and her small pup.  Axe sits in the background surrounded by an enormous puddle of blood, spilled from 2 more innocent lives, taken needlessly by the sick individuals that plague this earth.  He kneels for a picture- that' right dip shit say cheese- like he's kneeling down for a family photo.  Smiling and disgusting.
They have since been removed from FaceBook They were infact yanked at top speed shortly after the page was spotted by a decent person, immediately she saved the picture, called authorities,  and  contacted FB.  She then posted the news of this group of kids.   It seems there were many, photos as graphic and more so then the one you see here.  What caught the initial eye was  the title of their page "Dile Si Al Maltrato Animal" SAY YES TO ANIMAL CRUELTY, is the translation.  
I have kids this age, I can't even imagine them kicking a dog or any animal - AND THAT"S HOW  IT  SHOULD  BE.   These people aren't right, and will never be alright, ever. 
A Page has been created by the original poster of the Care2 news article.   To stand firm supporting  the deserved punishment from prosecuting these kids. Little is known of them to me I just found and linked to the page today. 
You can find out more on the page it is called
                        Against the Page "Dile Si Al Maltrato Animal"  GO >>
                                        It would be nice if we could all flood their small group of  978
and show this mom & puppy and authorities the respect these animals
 most definately deserve.
  This News Posting Got only 52 Hits On Care2 and these animals are worth so much more than that!  

Is Jose Manuel Salmeron Campos ~ SMUG PUNK #2


poll picture tepic smug 

Compassion, in which all living things take root, can only attain its full breadth and depth if it
embraces all living creatures and does not limit itself to mankind"


Are You Ready To Learn About A Day In The Life...  
Calves (Veal) & Adult Cattle:
300,000,000 Cattle are killed world wide each year for human consumption. In which 5.5 Million are Calves.  They are born & raised in horrid & unsuitable environments to be marketed to the world as veal.  The 4.5 million calves in Europe and 1 million calves in US annually destined to become veal are forcibly pulled away from their “need to be nursing” mothers, a.k.a. dairy cows. This is within a few hours after birth.  Lactating mothers who then produce naturally for her calf, is pumped full of hormones to increase milk production to the max, and used to produce their milk for human consumption and sale.  When lactation dwindles, they are then slaughtered for meat. Calves would need mothers milk for 6 to 12 months males are transported to be prepared to be sold to humans as veal.  Most female calves are placed in the dairy herd. When dairy production declines, they are often pushed to produce milk for about 6 years. These mother cows are alsoso sad slaughtered for beef.  Some of the calves are sold slaughtered shortly after birth; they are marketed as BOB veal.  Surviving calves marketed as WHITE VEAL are chained by their neck for 16 weeks in cramped wooden crates, conditions are intolerable & unsanitary.  They are fed an anemia-inducing synthetic liquid formula, thus promoting white-coloured meat.  The industry has been approved to feed these young (newborn) animals an all-liquid mam dairy cow & her baby - soon to be vealmilk-replacer diet that is deficient in iron and fiber and composed primarily of cheap industrial bi-products. It follows that low iron intake and total lack of exercise inhibit the calves’ ability to produce red blood cells, resulting in reduced hemoglobin concentrations and, eventually, anemia. They are deprived of their god given rights of a natural diet, water, roughage, iron, fresh air, sunshine, exercise and their mother's love and companionship.  This is standard to assist in managing the colour and texture desired by human consumers. Most veal stems from the dairy breed the Holstein-Frisian. The Holstein is the cartoon iconic & unmistakable black-and-white-patched, long-legged creature with a massive pink udder. Some industry folk would call veal a byproduct of the dairy industry, this would be correct.  With public awareness made to the cycle of cattle and the true exposure of veal, drastic declines in veal have been noticed.  However, the public lacking the knowledge or understanding the true connection of the veal calf to the dairy cow, milk consumption has hit record heights. Therefore, increasing the number of calves needing to be born to activate lactation cycles in dairy cattle females. This is to meet the supply and demand factor of milk required by public.    
Factory farmed breeding pigs or sows are impregnated continually, one litter after another. These animals are kept in cramped metal gestation crates withno room to allow them to turn around. They give birth and nurse their litter of 10-12 piglets in farrowing crates which are nearly as space deprived as the gestation crates. The natural nursing period of 11-13 weeks is cut to 2-4 weeks, so that the sows can immediately be impregnated again. More pigs is more profit.  After approximately 3 years they are sold for slaughter.  pigletBetween 18-20% of the prematurely weaned piglets die of induced stress from seperation and disease. Survivors are tagged and castrated without any form of local anesthesia.  Then placed in stacked wire cage "nurseries" and fed a synthetic milk replacer. When able to eat solid food, the piglets are transferred into over crowded pens, here they are prisoner for 6 to 7 months, when they are ready for slaughter or sold at auction.  More than  1,200,000,000 pigs and piglets are butchered each year worldwide.

70,000,000,000 Chickens are killed world wide each year for human consumption. 450 million Chickens are raised for egg production. Male chicks (who won't lay eggs) are typically dumped into plastic bags, left to
suffocate, then ground up for chicken or other animal feed. The females have the tips of their beaks seared off with a hot iron to prevent stress-induced cannibalism. They are crammed 5-7 birds into wire-mesh cages the size of a newspaper page stacked on top of one another. The birds must stand on a sloping wire-mesh floor, which cuts their feet, entangles their toes painfully, all the while the wire-mesh walls rub off their battery cagesfeathers and bruise their skin. When the birds are about 15 months old, they are 'force-molted' - kept in low lighting and fed a low-calorie diet for seven to 14 days, which stresses their systems and increases egg production for about six more months. They are thanked for their hard work by being sent to slaughter. Layer Hens have a job to lay eggs.  Egg Laying Hens : After the initial one-year egg-laying cycle is up for hens, one of three things usually happens: 1) They are auctioned off to the slaughterhouse where their used and abused, brittle-boned bodies can be shredded up for use in lower grade chicken products like pot pies or pet food.
2) If hen replacement costs are especially high, they are "force molted." This is where the hens are kept in the dark without water and starved for as much as 18 days, all in an effort to shock their bodies into another egg-laying cycle. 3) They are paid a visit by the local feed supply co-op and on site and while fully conscious, are thrown into a portable grinder and ground up.
On the other hand, hatchery-born male chicks are useless to the industry because they don't lay eggs, so they are simply discarded at birth.  Thrown away in trash cans and die of suffocation. Others get to become fertilizer and are ground up alive and dismembered while conscious. How many? 500,000 per day. (five hundred thousand per day.)eggs

Death for a broiler chicken is a predictable experience. Transported to the kill plant in cages and placed upside down on a conveyor belt mechanism, the birds are first dipped into electrically charged water to stun, but not kill, them. This just paralyzes them and twitches them out. This is for the next part of their journey.  Their throats are slit with a mechanical blade. Again killing is not yet achieved, the idea is to keep their heart pumping so all of the blood can drain out of their neck as they continue through this unbelievably inhumane process. Finally, they hit the scalding water tank where, if they're not dead yet they end life submerged in boiling water, often fully conscious.  One year of laying over 250 eggs in this environment. They can also look forward to a host of ailments and syndromes as a result of this unnatural level of egg productivity.
Chickens raised for meat are crowded into large dark sheds that hold as many as 30,000 birds, with each getting less than a square foot of space. Chickens have a natural instinct for nesting, they should atleast be given this right - but no, it gets much more brutal. They attempt to stake space by pecking at one another, chickens are routinely de-beaked so they won't harm eachother. Debeaking process, which involves cutting through bone and cartilage with a hot blade, is extremely painful as no anesthetic measures are taken for it not to be the chicken suffers yet again.  They are bred to gain weight quickly, many birds are seriously overweight and tend to be crippled by their own weight leaving them unable to walk. They are then unable to get to food and water or to defend themselves from the other birds who trample them on the way to the feeding station. Over time, the building fills with the stench of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and methane.  After seven weeks, the chickens are transported to slaughter. 

chickIt is difficult to establish a solid or exact number of chickens killed annually world wide. If you take into consideration the male chicks killed at birth (which must be taken into consideration) the number doubles. The UK seems to be the least animal & wildlife statistically crippled source of all. Estimates say that over 70 billion chickens are killed worldwide for consumption.  Of these, about 30 billion chickens are broilers, 5 billion are egg-layers, plus tens of millions of breeders. This total doubles when male chicks (killed at hatching) are added. Three countries produce over half the world's broilers: the US, China and Brazil (in that order). Yet, the number of broilers is increasing by about a billion per year.  More than 300 million factory turkeys are raised under similar conditions, then killed for food in the U.S.  
Transport of your meat: Animals are transported to slaughter in overcrowded trucks with no food, water, or against weather extremes. Many die in transit. Many more become sick and injured during the travels.  These animals, called "downers," are dragged with chains to the killing floor. 

Can’t you hear the Cull of the Wild?

Although obvious, much of the human race consistently seems to forget that we are every day, invading the natural habitat of this planet’s creatures.  Everyday we lose square miles of jungle,    square miles of forest, we are polluting the waters and driving the planets temperatures up causing global melting of the ice that so many depend on.  Adding insult to injury we not only invade their habitat we host mass slaughters world wide destroying billions of animals each year.

Primates: 3,000 Gorillas and 4,000 Chimpanzees: Each year, roughly 3,000 gorillas, 4,000 chimpanzees are slaughtered in Africa for bush meat. This devastating practice is enabled and greatly encouraged by the

forestry & logging industry, the young which are often left behind orphaned usually die as well.

The federal Wildlife Services agency, a part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, kills 2 million wild animals per year overkill of 2.4 million in 2007 including endangered species.  Although known to negatively impact the already crucial & fragile ecological profile of our earths species, decisions are made upon the request of Animals can't live without their fur, People can!cattle ranchers, hunters, and municipalities and uses such tactics as poisoning, shooting, beheading and burning. The poisoning method in particular results in the indiscriminate killing of many "non-target" individuals and species.

Seal Culls: 5 Countries worldwide have annual events of seal slaughtering, a most heinous and barbaric event with few guideline differences between the 5 countries.


Canada holds the record for highest numbers – hands down. We, (a Canadian) slaughter on average anywhere from 80,000-380,000 harp seals per year in the festival of baby seal blood on the ice floes of the Canadian East Coast.  Total Allowable Catches are always in the high end, it’s seals & pups available and


market demands that determine the numbers actually slaughtered. The hunt was suspended in 1984 to be resumed ten years later.  Numbers are devastating.  When external pressure from protesting nations and organizations clamped down on sealing countries, for beating newborn seals to death. Exposing the greed and contempt to make money from their fur, culls would then be the order of the day as fishing industries were suffering sad seal nursery as mom mournsnot of course due to over fishing, or ruining the sea floor bed - but the seals were or are eating all of the cod.  Yet scientific evidence has been collected showing validation that excessive over fishing, habitat destruction and the extreme onset of global warming has brought about the collapse.  No consideration taken seals are in fact known to eat the predatory fish that eat cod. Kill mass numbers of seals means killing the majority of the cod’s defensive team. Cod is approximately 2% of a seals diet.  The Canadian Fisheries and Oceans e few months back in honor of World Oceans Day had announced “two Areas of Interest for potential designation as Marine Protected Areas under the Oceans Act” as well as three new National Wildlife Areas. a National Park into a Seal Nursery Holocaust.  Minister’s plans are in debate to slaughter over 220,000 gray seals which currently live on Sable Island. This includes pregnant females, males, young pups and nursing whitecoat pups. All to meet their untimely demise by means of shooting, clubbing, the use of heavy loaders, mobile crematoriums and modified tree harvesting equipment (wood ccanada's commercial seal hunt hippers). The fishing industry has been lobbying the DFO for a seal cull on the island, arguing that seals, not humans, are responsible for their slumping catches of cod. The grey seal population on the fragile island, a whelping ground for the seal clubbed to death and skinnedworld's largest grey seal colony.  Seals already suffer a natural mortality rate of 30% per year, this is due to climate change and global warming.  When culls are protested due to unstable environmental factors with climate change- then it is then when claims are stated the money is a vital resource.  Well of course it is –WHEN YOU BLOW 13 MILLION DOLLARS TO APPEAL THE European Seal Pelt Ban when they clearly don’t want the fur! 


Peru: Seal Hunting is Illegal in Peru.  Peru banned seal hunting This has not stopped a group of self appointed wildlife killers.  The culls are sporadic & illegally self organized, carried out by fishermen and willing participants in order to make a quick buck of their fur or in other instances simply the genitals of males. The killing of sea lions and fur seals in order to sell their genitals as aphrodisiacs for the Asian market of traditional medicines is another growing threat. 8.57% of the cases of dead, stranded sea lions analyzed by ORCCAMM (see above) had their genitals cut off. Between September and October 2002, one of the biggest illegal killings of sea lions had happened in recent years in Peru. Fishermen killed 147 sea lions on San Gallan Island in the National Reserve of Paracas, only to cut off their genitals and leave the rest of the bodies unused. The demand for traditional medicines makes this kind of illegal killing an international problem. In 2005, for example, 35 sea lions were killed on the Island of San Cristobel, one of the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, in order to extract their genitals.


Namibia: In Africa there are plans to cull 1 million baby fur seals over the next 10 years.  There is overwhelming evidence that the Namibian Seal pup slaughter is NOT a population control cull, nor are there any efforts toward conservation of the endangered species.
In 2006, Namibian government stated the fur seal population was “officially healthy, thriving, and over-populated,” and issued a whopping 85,000 TAC kill quota to repeatedly beat & club, stab, and maim nursing seal pups in the birthing grounds from July to November. Shortly into the hunt season, the public reported mass starvation, low weight, abnormal growth and mass die off from starvation. Hence: this differs from previous reports of a healthy thriving seal population.  The seal population was lower than 13 years earlier, but confusingly the kill quota increased to 85,000. Extending the seal hunting season to hugo namibiabegin in July rather than August, more opportunity to lay a beating and even younger pups would be included. In this season, the sealers have to stop clubbing and bury 900 seals per day, dead from starvation, in beach graves that cover them up. But did the government count the dead in the so-called population control cull? NO! They went back and finished the starving pups. Inhumanely such as is any seal hunt, bashing their heads in. Then they clubbed the older seals, which is against their own government regulations. Death for the older seals is more difficult, and is done by continuous bludgeoning. Now, you’ve already seen the horrific baby seals clubbing, where the men stampede the seals, block the seals from the safety of the sea, herd the pregnant mothers and nursing babies then swing a club at one seal pup then another, and swing again wildly into the entire group, and slowly through repeated stressing, causing the scared and severely concussed pups to vomit, the mothers try to protect, and the sealers continue to repeatedly club.  Still breathing the men proceed to cutting off penises, flippers and skinning them alive. The government takes into account no population loss of the already the already dead ones in the “quota for wildlife management and conservation”.  In 2007, quota to 80,000 just 5,000 less than the previous mass starvation year, and by day 22 into the season, there was not a single seal left alive to be seen. Now that’s Conservation & Wildlife management!



Botswana, Africa: South Africa's elephant population has ballooned from 8,000 in 1995, when killing was banned under international pressure, to more than 20,000. The national parks service said that had there not been a policy of killing for population control between 1967 and 1994, the current population would elephanthave been 80,000.  South Africa is proposing culling elephants even though their population is low in other countries, elephants are classed as ‘vulnerable' worldwide, and trade in ivory has been banned since 1989 to try to combat poaching.  Considering Namibia sits neighbor to Botswana wouldn’t it be nice if they learned how to respect the amazing creatures placed on their continent.


Wales: September 2010. Just months after ecstatic campaigners were celebrating the Court of Appeal handed down judgment finding the proposed Welsh badger cull to be unlawful on all three grounds they raised on appeal. The Welsh Minister conceded the appeal and is re-committed to a cull. Again has considered all factors of science and evidence, culling and other strategies, she has come to her conclusion that a cull of badgers in the area is needed.


United States: In the US, aerial gunning takes place.  $100 million a year federal program called Wildlife bobcatServices, a branch of the U.S. Department of Agricultures. In 2006, Wildlife Services killed 35,505 animals by aerial gunning. The animals included badgers, bobcats, red foxes, grey wolves and even domestic housecats. In 2006, Wildlife Services in Nevada reported 4,665 coyotes killed through aerial-gunning, the highest such total for any state.

PET & HOMELESS DOG CULL, CHINA: Over 36,000 dogs have been killed in central China.  See a dog beat him to death in the middle of the street with a club - where he stands. Whether he is viscous or not, whether he is infected with rabies or not, whether they are someone’s pet out for a stroll or not. The indiscriminate cull in Hanzhong, Shanxxi Province targeted both stray animals and pets from the streets.  The city authorities claimed to be running a dog vaccination dog & cat program. In reality this has reached a very tiny minority of dogs. Instead local people have been paid to club dogs to death, believing it to be a solution to rabies.  Simple justification for wanting their fur, and sadly the animals who die are the lucky ones as it has been made visually evident over and over again that many animals, cats, dogs and which ever are very much alive as they are skinned.  Reason- adrenaline in the animal rises from fear and pain affects the toughness of the skin or the softness of the fur.  Sadder yet, Canada condones this as the furs are imported to us!
KANGAROO CULL AUSTRALIA: The army in Australia proceeded in 2009 to shooting 6,000 kangaroos to thin their population on an army training ground near the capital, Canberra.  With Protestors a flare, the killings did indeed take place. The killings are intended to protect endangered plants and insects that share the grassy habitat with the kangaroos. A much smaller slaughter, of 400 kangaroos, on another similar department site in Canberra just last year – it was disrupted by protesters. Kangaroos are slaughtered to control their population throughout Australia, but government agencies have been reluctant to kill the national symbol around Canberra in the last 20 years because of public protests.
CAMEL CULL AUSTRALIA: Sadly, not being a native animal to Australia the camel was imported into Australia between 1880 and 1907 to a land they were not destined to be. It is estimated that 10,000 to 20,000 camels were imported between 1880 and 1907.  Between 1894 and 1897 another 6,000 camels were shipped from India directly to Western Australia, to serve the booming gold camps.  But as rail transport spread many of the redundant animals were set simply released, free to roam. Thirsty and seeking water in the deserts of the outback, the numbers have grown to more than a million.  The cull is to eradicate 650,000 of these wondrous creatures, at no fault of their own.  The thirsty animals became nuisance even invading homes, breaking pipes and scaring families- simply in search of water.  This is truly a prime example of what happens when humans mess with mother natures plan and import native species to places where the environment is not suitable for their survival.  

OLD MCDONALD SHAME ON YOU - FUR FARMS: Worldwide more than 45 million animals, including raccoons, dogs, rabbits, foxes, mink, and chinchillas, are raised in cages and killed each year for their fur. Not only are cage-raised animals killed inhumanely, but they experience terminal suffering from the time of birth. Visualized as nothing but potential dollar signs, they spend their short lives in foul conditions no living mink in fur farm cagecreature should ever have to know, EVER.  Lives spent caged, not to know daylight or exercise, hungry and often starved to near death, abused and thrown around, injuries aren’t warranted vet services, lacking in life’s most basic needs, neglected animals raised on fur farmstrap protesters are killed and harvested by cruel methods that preserve their pelt, as to not devalue it by an means necessary.  Calf leather comes from animals killed at just 2 weeks old.  And most roughly 83% are done so in completely inhumane and cruel ways, only adding to their tragic story further. Say NO To Fur, Wear your Faux Fur and Wear It PROUD!


Millions upon millions of wild animals, including bobcats, coyotes, foxes, lynx, raccoons, and wolves, bears,animals suffer in traps foxes, elk, dear, moose, suffer and die in traps each year. Countless dogs and cats, deer, birds and other animals including threatened and endangered animals are also injured and killed each year by the indiscriminate traps. Traps, including steel-jaw leg hold traps, body-gripping traps, and wire neck snares, are inhumane devices that inflict great pain and suffering.  Animals time after time are left for sometimes days left to suffer. Eventually trapped animals desperate to be free are over come with instinct and chew off their own limbs in hopes of finding freedom.  These unfortunate creatures don’t realize this will only lead to bleeding to death, serious infection or become prey to a stronger predator. Any way you cut it- there’s no happy ending here.

COMPANION ANIMALS – Yes Cats & Dogs Killed For Fur :
In 1998 an well conducted investigation by The Humane Society International shone a bright light on the international fur industry's best kept secret: Asian nations and the widespread slaughter of companion animals—domestic dogs and cats being brutally slaughtered for the manufacture of clothing, accessories, china wants his furand trinkets. Investigators witnessed firsthand the slaughter of domestic animals deemed companion animals such as dogs and cats. The offences taking place in China and other neighboring nations.  Man’s best friend and the lovable felines to most who are a part of the family, being used for useless objects and nothing short of what faux fur could yet again easily and satisfactorily provide.  Many of these animals are raised in cold, unsanitary breeding compounds. Some are strays. Others are obviously pets who were lost or stolen. Killing methods are disgusting, inhumane and excruciating for these innocent animals. Dogs—German shepherds, chows, and mixed breeds—are bludgeoned or bled to death. Cats are often strangled by wire nooses.  Fur trim lined gloves, collars, hair accessories, boot trim, hand bags, broaches, hair bands, slippers, you get the picture.
6000 Seal hunters local to the Canadian East Coast gather and with Government Support, approval & indirect funding partake in an annual event that has been a commercial seal haulocast in the mutilation of seal pelt fur in china warehouse hundreds of thousands of newborn & juvenile seal pups in unspeakable and inhumane ways.  This localized gathering of club & hakapik wielding men is an annual event viewed by those participants seemingly with no differences than the game wak-a-mole found at the local county fall fair.  Not to be mistaken for traditional Inuit hunting for survival, necessities and family sustenance which account for 2% of seals killed in Canada, Inuit hunters waste nothing of every animal they harvest, the practices in which they hunt are based on principals in which they appreciate their catch, are humane hunters and don’t play hockey with their heads. (from sealer turned author Michael J. Dwyer, of the book – Over The Side Mickey; A sealers first hand account about 1997 Nfld. seal hunt VISIT us on FB to read more about this)

Newborn & Fetal Karakul Lambs

lamb- karakulAlso called "astrakhan," "broadtail," or "Persian wool," Karakul lambs fur comes from lambs who were killed as newborns. Many karakul lambs are slaughtered when they are only 1 or 2 days old .  This because their unique, rich textured highly prized curly fur begins to unwind andkarakul lamb straighten within three days after birth.  Broadtail is fur of a karakul lamb fetus' hide—which is called. A higher valued fur product in the fur industry.  Valued for its exceptional smoothness—the mother's throat is cut and her abdomen slashed open to remove the developing lamb. A mother typically gives birth to three lambs before being slaughtered along with her fourth fetus, usually 15 to 30 days before he or she is due to be born. As many as 4 million karakul lambs are slaughtered for their fur every year.  

Please NOTE from HSUS report as per undercover low key investigation to a Karakul Fur Farm: Garments made of fetal karakul lambs (known as "broadtail"), which the fur industry claims are crafted from animals born prematurely due to accident or exposure. In March 2000, investigators with The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) toured a karakul sheep farm near Bukhara, in the former Soviet republic of Uzbekistan, and found that pregnant ewes are in fact routinely slaughtered for these coat- karakul fur & wool fetal pelts. Graphic videotape shot at the farm shows a pregnant ewe held down, her throat slit and herslaughter stomach slashed wide so that a worker could remove the developing fetus—the "raw material" for coats, vests, and other broadtail fashions. What's more, contrary to the industry's claims that karakul lamb fur is merely a byproduct of meat production, HSUS investigators videotaped newborn lambs displayed as "samples" of pelt colors before being sent to their death. The pelts were saved, the tiny carcasses discarded as trash.





 ANGORA: Angora rabbits are beautiful plush and the softest of the rabbit species.  Thwant a sweater, angora?e bunnies are strapped to a board for shearing as they tend to want to keep their fur and will kick with the force of  scared and stressed animal in defensive mode. The commercial shearing clippers snag & bite into their soft fur hosting flesh, with bloody results. Returned bare to cold wire cages with no insulating or protective items. Angoras suffer a great deal more on their delicate foot pads.  Ulcerated feet from wire cages is a preventable, yet another addition to their misery.


Down is the soft layer of feathers closest to birds' skin, primarily in the chest region. These feathers are highly valued because they do not have quills. While most down & feathers are removed from birds during gooseslaughter, geese in breeding flocks and those raised for meat and foie gras may be plucked while they are alive.  Ducks and geese are strung up by their necks, their legs are tied, and their feathers are plucked out. The struggling birds often sustain injuries during plucking and often die as a result of the struggle due to fear and pain. Survivors are returned to their cages until they are ready to be plucked again. This process begins when the animals are 9 weeks old and continues repeating in six-week cycles until the reproduction of quality feathers diminish, birds are then slaughtered.
WHALING & DOLPHIN HUNTING: Whales are currently under threat from a wide range of human activities, despite there being a moratorium in place against commercial whaling for over 20 years.  Over 1500 whales have been hunted each year since 1996 although this is forbidden under international law after whaling was banned. Whaling is taking place right now and the numbers are increasing yearly. Norway continues to whale shark hunted hunt whales under objection to the IWC moratorium against commercial whaling. Japan has been whaling under the shady umbrella of 'scientific research', killing hundreds of whales each year and conveniently selling the processed whale meat openly on the market. In 2005, Japan doubled its 'scientific whaling' quotas in the Southern Hemisphere and to include the hunting of humpback and endangered fin whales. While Japan has promised to not hunt humpbacks for now, over 14 fin whales have been killed since 2005.   Iceland has submitted a formal objection to the IWC moratorium against commercial whaling. Although claiming it would not undertake commercial whaling before 2006, Iceland has begun its own 'scientific whaling' program. How are the whales any better off when all it takes is research painted on the side of the whaling ship.  No more research, we know enough, STOP THE RESEARCH.  Scientific whaling is a tool of the past, and modern science is needed in the modern world.


The global fishing industry's many problems include the devastating issue of bycatch.  Yearly, billions of ocean animals are caught unintentionally and thrown back, dead or dying, including 100 million sharks and how to kill an oceanrays; approximately 300,000 whales, dolphins, and porpoises, 250,000 endangered turtles, and hundreds of thousands of birds. Shrimp fisheries are perhaps the greatest concern. Commonly catching multiple species of sea life, at rates in upwards of more than 80 percent bycatch. Numerous species are facing extinction because of fishing and bycatch. An estimated 300,000 cetaceans (whales, dolphins and seals) die as bycatch each year, because they are unable to escape when caught in nets. Birds dive for the bait planted on the longline end, swallow it hook and all and are pulled underwater and drowned. Habitat devastation from fishing industries is exampled by is a destructive way of 'strip mining' the ocean floor, harvesting the species that live there. As well as the target fish species, this also results in bycatch of commercially unwanted animals like starfish.  Another variant is known as beam-trawling, where heavy nets and chains are dragged across the sea-bed. The devastation that results is often irreparable.
product testing makes animals suffer unbarably
Despite all this suffering in the name of determining safety for humans, as of 2002, more than 50 drugs tested on animals and approved by the FDA as safe had been taken off the market or relabeled because they had caused serious illnesses and death in humans. The FDA itself estimated in 2006 that 92 percent of drugs that pass animal testing fail in human clinical trials.  But still they continue. Over 100,000,000 animals die for unnecesary animal product testing, every year.

MThis is why they are illegalost pet store puppies and 80 percent of the American Kennel Club's business) come from puppy mills, puppy mills produce these poor animalsmass-breeding operations in which ill, suffering dogs are kept in deplorable conditions. They breed between 2 and 4 million puppies each year.
Every year, 6 to 8 million dogs and cats enter shelters, and 3 to 4 million shelter dogs and cats are killed.

Animals feel, clearly they show emotion, most are surprisingly quite intellectual who can cry or in their own form shout. They can be loving or show anger, many hold values in a greater sense than those that butcher them.  Animals were put here for a reason, and it wasn't to be used & abused by humans. All life has a place in the ecosystem.  When humans interfere with the laws of nature by selfishly making changes to the food chain whether in the ocean or not, we see a rippled effect of changes. Most often the changes are long term and hard hitting, if not altogether permanent and completely devastating.

Numbers of destroyed animals per year by means of simple cruelty, torture, abuse, starvation, etc., are not listed here.  It’s difficult to come up with accurate numbers for those issues since most are unreported and done behind closed doors.  It is a sick world we are living these days, and I believe if people don’t change their level of respect and compassion for everything living and this planet which is our home, complete self destruction of will be closer than we think. 


Here are estimates of the numbers of animals people eat, wear and experiment on. This is a limited selection as the kind of animals and their numbers are vast and estimates are not always available.

Chickens 70,000,000,000


Pigs  1,200,000,000                Beef Cattle  300,000,000


Fish 132,000,000 tonnes        Meat Consumption 250,000,000 tonnes 40 kg per human


Farmed mink: 30,000,000+   Farmed fox: 5,000,000+         
Wild fur-bearers: millions


Experimental Animals over + 100,000,000
Rodents species as mice, rats & hamsters
have no to little data on them, for numbers
therefore are not reflected in these numbers.             A Day in the life Discussions & COmments on FB

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AppleGood for you, APPLE ! A Newfoundlander who designed a seal-clubbing video game claims he can't understand why it was rejected by Apple. Numerous media outlets have now reported that the "iSealClub" App will not be available for download. The game would allow users to use their iPhone or iTouch to club cartoon seals. The developer of the software claimed the App was "light-hearted" and cartoon based, saying "It's not what you would consider a very violent game. I know it involves clubbing seals, but (it's) no different than the way people get clubbed in Mickey Mouse or Looney Tunes."  Read More >

Go Play it's a free online flash game- made to defend the oceans & it's mammals

Well, Watch out Sealers the seals are back and they got back up! The Seals and

Polar Bears have made nice & teamed up and they are back for revenge.  In Level

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Dolphin and humpback whale are just two of the items on the menu in the fishing village of Taiji where the locals battle Hollywood environmentalists and ‘racist’ foreigners.
Whale watching in BC
Dolphin-hunting season has arrived again in this small harbor town at the tip of the Kii peninsula south of Kyoto. Since October,Massacre of Dolphins in Japan perhaps 2,000 small whales and striped, bottlenose, spotted and risso’s dolphins have been slaughtered for meat that ends up on the tables of local homes and restaurants and in vacuum-packed bags in supermarkets. By the end of March, 1,000 more will go the same way, part of what is probably the largest annual cull of cetaceans – about 26,000 around coastal Japan according to environmentalists -- in the world. Six hours from Tokyo and accessible only via a coastal road that snakes through tunnels hewn from dense, pine-carpeted mountains, Taiji for years escaped the prying eyes of animal rights activists, but the isolation has been abruptly ended by the Internet and the cheap rail pass. A steady trickle of foreign protestors – most Japanese people know little about the tradition -- now arrives in the rusting town square to cross swords with This needs to end, sea of blood from slaughtered dolphins local bureaucrats and the 26 fishermen who run the hunt.
The hunts are notoriously brutal and blue tarpaulin sheets block the main viewing spots overlooking the cove where the killings take place to prevent picture-taking. Beyond the cove, a small fleet of boats surround a pod of migrating dolphins, lower metal poles into the sea and bang them to frighten the animals and disrupt their sonar. Once the panicking, thrashing dolphins are herded into the narrow cove, the fishermen attack them with knives, turning the sea red before dragging them to a harbour-side warehouse for slaughter.                                 Read full story

Dolphins Have Saved Many Humans: It’s Time To Save The Dolphins

They are intelligent, amazing and trusting of humans by nature
Right now they are suffering as they are being herded &
slaughtered in small coves in Asia.
Read these amazing and true stories of Dolphins to the Rescue then decide if you are on board with the fight to Save the Dolphins


Dolphins are most definitely considered a gentle and friendly creature.
They look at you with a gentle gaze that looks like they are smiling. You’ve seen it on television’s Flipper and other popular culture stories; dolphins rescuing humans from drowning or shark attacks, placing themselves in dangerous situations to keep them safe from harm. But does it really happen?
Yes and often!

A few years ago off the Gulf of Akaba, a visitor to the area was rescued by three dolphins from sharks. Near the Sinai Peninsula, a ship captain had stopped his boat so several passengers could watch dolphins playing. Three of the passengers decided to swim with them, and one stayed a little longer than the others. To his stop the dolphin slaughterhorror, he was bitten by a shark – and more were coming. Suddenly, three dolphins placed themselves between the tourist and the sharks, smacking the water with tails and flippers, and drove the sharks off so the man could be rescued. Dolphins and other cetaceans also help injured members of their family groups and newborn babies to the surface by swimming under them and nudging upward, just as some reports describe them doing with humans. Interestingly, there are some real reports of dolphins helping other cetaceans. In 1983 at Tokerau Beach, North-land, New Zealand, a pod of pilot whales ran aground during ebb-tide. The Zealanders who lived there came out and did their best to keep the whales alive, sponging their skin and calming them, until the tide came back in. But even then the whales were having trouble orienting.

Dolphins came to the rescue. Somehow, a pod of dolphins who were nearby figured out what was happening. They swam into the shallows, putting themselves at risk, and “herded” the pilot whales out to sea, saving 76 of 80 whales. Five years earlier, a similar incident had occurred at Whangarei harbor.

In 2004, a group of swimmers were confronted by a ten-foot great white shark off the northern coast of
new Zealand. A pod of dolphins “herded” them together, circling them until the great white fled. There are several other examples from the area of Australia of similar incidences.
In another case in the Red Sea, twelve divers who were lost for thirteen and a half hours were surrounded by dolphins for the entire time, repelling the many sharks that live in the area. When a rescue boat showed up, it appeared that the dolphin pod were showing them where the divers were; they leaped up in the air in front of the rescuers, jumping toward the lost people as if to lead the boat onward – as, according to old stories, they often did with endangered ships in treacherous water.

Because we can’t talk to dolphins, we can’t really fathom what their motives are in these situations. It is, however, very possible that they are indeed trying to help and protect fellow mammals in the ocean to safety. If this is true, it means that they are the only animals, besides humans, which show true altruism


The Dolphins and Whales need our help are you in?

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Other Stories and Victories from around the world at PETA

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Ringling Brothers Beats their Animals
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Lowest of the Low




Protect the Earth & the ANimals    

Go  Green!

Nature is Beautiful, we need to preserve it


  Attention   PET OWNERS

Animals and Pet Owners all over the world are


For exposing the cruel testing being done by the companies

we’ve been trusting for decades to feed our pets
View this article and related stories on 
The arc was built for them
… and this is not what was intended
Be kind to animals
CANADA'S Seal Hunt
it's 2010,
 I am Canadian &
I Support ending it
He Can't Live Without His Coat, SHE CAN!
Warning of Graphic Images
if people don't see for themselves what disgusting 
torture goes on by some hunters and Fur farms.
Be kind to animals and say NO TO FUR ! 
If you don't live in sub arctic temperatures
- you don't need it.
Make the right fashion statement-
Faux Fur jackets, Faux Suede boots, Woven cotton & Hemp handbags, Faux leather or Pleather belts and shoes
all look as good as the real thing.
And you can wear them proud!
Knowing you had no part in the cruel torture and 
and complete disrespect that so many animals
are treated with in the name of Fashion. 
Robbed of their fur and their right to live for a few dollars

Grey seal

  Seal sits in agony
Seal comes to after being
skinned alive and fights to sit
 up as she is in unimaginable pain
Harp Seal Pup
   seal clubbed to death and skinned 
Canadian Seal clubbed to death and peeled of his pelt.
This is why the Seal Hunt Is Barbaric and needs to be stopped
Red fox in Canada
  fox skinned

bear playing  People that do this should be skinned alive themselves

mink american
  this poor creature
And someone thought this was cool
enough to take a picture of it!
Canadian Doe  Skinned live, they have no shame
    peeled of his flesh and robbed of her life. 
When animals are treated like this it's infuriating and I don't even know where to begin to change this.  It's one thing when people are trying to survive, trying to stay warm and feed their family.  Over 85% of animals skinned is for luxury fur pelts and trophies.  The rest not even touched, and too many times the animals are conscious while this is happening. How can being cruel come so easy to some?
Beautiful Great Dane, chunks of flesh and muscle missing from hind side

Help us to eliminate Cruel & Unecessary Animal Testing

Alternative Testing Methods Work Tiny primate cries as research is conducted on him

From the names that we trust to the generic brands that mimic them, research labs around the world continue to put millions of animals through a torturous hell, every second of every day 

It is estimated that worldwide

16 animals per second are used for testing  
94% chemicals for personal & household items

6% for medical research  

 Please Visit our Page & sign the petition

Animals have just as much right
to be on this earth as any of us do.
All life should be treasured
not taken for granted or abused.
Please help this cruelty to stop forever! 

Let’s show these animals that they do

have people who care about them.
Be informed and pass your knowledge on.
Visit us on You Tube for a great selection of clips & Videos. Nature and the animals of the earth at it’s most pure and unscathed the way it was meant to be, to the complete contempt and devastation
caused by man.
Visit Our You Tube Channel for a large selection of Information Videos & Clips of nature. Animals & Our Planet - The Good and the Bad

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adorable seal pup
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Canada end the seal hunt

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Cruelty Free Products for the Caring Consumer

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As a Canadian
Where do you stand on
the Canadian Seal Hunt?
juvenile hooded seal
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Environment section
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What every Canadian Should Know About 
The Blood Shed
It's not a hunt at all!
harp pup
So Many Secrets
About The Barbaric
Baby Seal Pup Slaughter
& Canadians Now
Working To End It
seals pups of canada
We are working with millions worldwide
to bring the commercial
hunt to an end forever!
Dawn saves wildlife Emblem
Map of Ontario
Way to go Ontario
raised so far
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Become an Everyday Wildlife Champion

People Who Are Violent to Animals ... Rarely Stop There

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Animals can't report abuse so please be their
                           voice against inhumaine acts.
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